Servicebot + Bubble Partnership

Hi Bubble community,

For all the budding SaaS companies out there, today we’re excited to announce an integration by our partners at Servicebot!

Servicebot is a product that helps other companies manage their subscription plans and payments. For example, it offers a beautiful, embeddable pricing page, as well as a management portal where customers can manage their subscription. Servicebot is essentially a UI toolkit built on top of Stripe, so Stripe still handles the billing and remains the source of truth for your subscription data.

The new Servicebot plugin offers two main feature areas for app creators who also use Servicebot.

First, there’s the Pricing Page element, which allows you to embed your Servicebot pricing page in your Bubble app. You can still customize the dashboard via your Servicebot account. The new element also gives you access to the “User Subscribed” workflow event and a number of states about a user’s subscription.

Second, the plugin provides a Subscription Portal element so that you can easily give the user control of their subscription in your app. This comes with its own workflow events around subscription cancellations or changes, as well as corresponding states.

For more information about the plugin, check out their landing page for this integration here and their documentation here.

We’re excited about this integration because the combination of Bubble and Servicebot will make starting your own SaaS app even easier. Check it out today!





Really glad to see these partnerships.

Algolia. Airtable. Now this.

This is exactly the sort of thing I would like to see (much) more of.

Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:



This is AWESOME! Exactly what I was looking for!!!

It seems Stripe will be lunching something similar soon