Session expired - cannot logout or run as other user

I am in Dev getting “session has expired” and I am unable to logout and unable to run as other user.

In the user profile all data is empty so “an empty user” is logged in.

I have cleared my browser cache.

How do you know you’re logged in?

When using Inspect on the page the condition says True

Oh, wack. Normally, if you do something like delete a user from the DB and the user is logged in then their session is expired and will be logged out (because there’s no longer anyone to log in as). I guess if you’re really still logged in, report a bug. What do you mean by ‘unable to log out’? Are you sure the workflow steps to log you out are running?

Thanks for your assistance @georgecollier .
I think I will report a bug then. No the logout workflow does not run because I get this standard error from “the session has expired” instead.

Delete the cookie.

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