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Session on 10 differents sites [Iframe]


I want to have a part of my website within iframe. Lets suppose that on the page, there is possibility to login (Action = Log in the user).

Now 10 different sites have the same iframe with my website inside. I’m logging in (with my Login action) only on 1 random page (but the site is the same everywhere). Now after successful login I want to go to the rest of sites and be logged in within iframes.


There is a marketplace where everyone can sell everything. The problem is that there is no pretty landing page for products. Sellers want to have their own landing pages with possibility to sell the product from these landing pages without going to the different site. The solution is to provide a iframe solution and compress all functionallities in a small window. Now if every seller will be using this “style” to sell his product, buyers need to do login just one time. The session should be available on every page that is using this “style” of selling the product.

Do you know how to achieve that?