Set a Custom State to the Number of a Choice field

I have a Choice Field with the name “Approval State” with two static options. Option1: “Approval” and Option2: “Approval after change”.
For an API Call I need the Option as Number 1 or 2. If I use 'Approval State’´s value its the text.
I then tried to use a custom state and write the 1 or 2 to the state when the ‘Approval State’ is changed by checking with "Only if " the “Approval State”.Text is “Approval after Change” and then set the state to 2. But its doesn’t work.

So the question is: “How can I get the Option of a Choice Field as Number?”

Well, the simplest way would be to use an Option Set instead of static options (with an attribute for the number).

Alternatively, you can use Dropdown’s Value is ‘Approval State’ format as Number (with Yes being 1 and No being 2).

But I’d probably use an Option Set for this…

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