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Set A Slug to group to make it sharable for outside users

Hi Bubble Forum,

I would like to create a one-page app, this will be a project management app which is mostly used for registered users but some elements (especially things) should be visible for outside unregistered users if they have the right URL.

My question is:
Is it possible to create a shareable URL of a group which contains a ‘thing’ which has a specific slug so that only outside users can see this group with this ‘thing’s’ data? (everything is on one page)

Currently this is easily possible if I send the ‘thing’s’ data to another page and give the thing a slug and navigate to this page which gives the page automatically a slug, but considering I want to make a one page app, I am looking for achieve this result also if everything is on the same page and the data is sent to a group and not a new page.

Currently my workflow to create a new ‘thing’ looks like this:
The registered user makes a new booking / project, fills in the necessary inputs
> clicks the submit button > A new ‘‘thing’’ is created > a slug for this thing is set > the data of the just created ‘‘thing’’ is displayed in a group (which is in a section with a custom state visible / unvisible state)

Is it possible to set the page URL to something like ( )
which then can be shared with the outside user who only sees the section / group with data of this specific thing and nothing else?

Hope my explaination makes sense, hope someone can help me further!

Thanks in advance


I gather that you want one object to populate all other objects on the page. And that object should be a slug so that you can share a pretty url.

If the above is true then one way to achieve this is to re-work your dB model so that the key object is connected directly or indirectly to all other objects.