Set custom status and set focus to an input of the latest created group (thing)

So I have a repeating group of information with a duplicate button.

When the duplicate button is clicked, it will duplicate a new thing.

To edit the data, there is a button to change the custom state to activate the edit mode.

My question is, once I click the duplicate button, how can I change the edit mode(custom state) and set focus on the inputs in the newly created group?

The set focus and set state workflow doesn’t work because it only happens within the group that contains the duplicate button.

Thank you.

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Yes, in repeating groups you do not have access to the elements of other cells.
The way that comes to my mind for this challenge is to put a condition, for example on that drop down, if possible, condition that if it is empty, it will change the icon and focus. If you turn the whole row inside the repeating group into a reusable element, it will be easier to work with it.

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Thank you, I will give it a try.

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