SET DEFAULTS for old datas and Other thing/bugs to solve

Idea submitted with 6 other:

Defaults are not taken for old data when a new field is created… it’s a waste of time, please add a button to do it quickly … not using Bulk nor special admin page (lost of time for this simple action)

I add also some other ideas:

RGB in workflow choice

New Action : Flush of last action (for every actions) , or "Only when step flushed"

No work lost when changing CREATE to MAKE CHANGE data things.

"Check JS" butoon in Plug In /Actions… because sometimes analyser is not working.

"Past in More" , new line of possibility, because “Paste” destroys all

PLEASE Optimize OPTION SET for filters with number… it’s too slow

Thanks for this , this will maybe help us to reuse Bubble for a next project… this is a good tool but you need to work on a lot of features. Opitmisation is essential for complex projects.