Set Drop Down list to display list of values in Variable

I’ve got a data structure:

Class (like a school Class)
The ClassType is a list of possible values ( Productivity, Math, Biology)

I want to let the user enter a new Class, and choose from the list of ClassType values.

I see that I could create a Form input Field with static list of ClassTypes. But I’d like to be able, later, to use that same list. For example, when someone is searching for a Class I want to show them a list of the ClassTypes to choose one)

Any suggestions?

You need to create another database table (like Class) for “Class Type”.

“Class Type” should have 2 fields.

id = number (if you want to sort items in a particular order)
name = text

Then in the Class database table, the ClassType field’s data type should be a “Class Type”, not a text.


I created that db table.
How do I now set the List box to display the contents of that table?

Here’s my table:

I posted this as a separate question