Set my plugin as free-to-use

Hello guy,

We are new to the platform. And, we are trying to build our own plugin and share it with the community for free.
But, none of the pricing options we see can provide free access to users, can anyone tell us what should we do to set it correctly?

If you just don’t set a price and you set the plug-in type to open source you shouldn’t need to worry about anything


Hi @Tico

At the moment to offer a plugin for free you need to offer it under the open source license, as far as I know.

It would be great to have the option the keep the plugin private while still offering it for free but Bubble don’t currently allow for this.


Thanks for sharing the info :smiley:

Thank you for explaining it.
And, yeah, it would be definitely better if the plugin can be set for free but still privately own.

We appreciate all of the replies from the community above.
Our team just published a new plugin for helping everyone create a zoom-like video call feature in your own app in no time.

The plugin is Wondercall
The simplest way to add built-in features for in-app video chats, video customer services, virtual events, online education, or telemedicine services into your business in no time.

The plugin is planned to serve for free but it’s not possible at the moment due to the marketplace’s policy. We will update it once the platform changes the policy.

Happy to share it with you and hear feedback on our plugin!

Is this based on jitsi?

No, it’s a webRTC-based structure.
And the whole platform is self-managed by our team.

Thanks for giving us a chance the explain it clearer!

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