Set Several Custom States in One Workflow

One of the use cases of setting several custom states is knowing which frames are hidden and which frames are shown to make use of that information (e.g. Frame1VisibleState=Yes or No).

So in the following example screenshot you can easily see how much space the custom states settings is occupying in one workflow, instead I would suggest to set an option to set several custom states in one unit, and have the ability to re-order inside it. My personal believe that most custom states should be done in the Index page to be available globally, in that case it would be possible to put them all in one workflow.


Old thread, but still an actual headache. This would simplify my workflow structure so much!


It seems to me this comes down to a layout issue - i.e. a preference for actions being arranged in a “vertical and scrolling” manner instead of “horizontal and wrapping”.

I’ve never been a fan of Bubble’s rigid grid-like UI in general. It also doesn’t convey anything about “inputs“ or “outputs“ - only action sequence. :neutral_face:

Hopefully, there will be some (radical?) improvements to the UI coming from Bubble’s new designer. :slightly_smiling_face: