Set State as Default Load Page

Hello, I have been trying to figure out the best way to make this work and have actually gotten this to work but not how I feel like it should.

I want to have a font page that when the page loads it is automatically there but once I hit a button the state changes to another view. I have been able to do this by setting it up to hide if I hit any other button but I feel like I should be able to set it up as a state just like the rest of my pages.

If not let me know. I just think the way I have it is stupid and could be better.

There is a “When Page is Loaded” workflow.
I use it to set the first state. Have you looked into that?

Honestly… Im not going to lie to you. I have used Page is Loaded sooooooo many times and never have I thought to do this. Ever!

Thank you so much!

No problem!
Just glad I could finally help someone. HA

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