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Set state based on page

is there a way to set state yes/no based on the page a user goes to.

I am trying to create navigation menu buttons so when a customer goes to say “page X” state is set to yes and then background colour of that particular button will go a certain colour or the font will be bold to indicate what page the user is on.

Im trying to get the effect of background of the navigation/menu button only being a certain colour when that page is selected.

Ive tried a few different way so far and background colour is changing but then when the page loads it refreshes the button so it goes back to the original colour

Put the condition on the button like this:

In the condition, you can use ‘Get data from page URL’ and then ‘Path segments as list’ First Item. This will tell you what page you are on. Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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