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Set state from dynamic text for repeating group filtering

I’m trying to set up a repeating group filter for pricing from a dynamic text. I’m running into 2 issues.

One issue is the text group from the above picture “Pricing” will not show up when I try to set that to the value of the state. The actual state itself is on my repeating group earbuds.

The second issue is with the input values because the text is dynamic. The repeating group doesn’t adjust on the item’s “price” like it would if it was a field. Originally I just had one price so I could use the min and max from that. With having more than one price this approach no longer works.

Is using a state the right way to solve the issue and if not what’s the correct approach?

In that “Value” parameter on the “Set state”, you could have the value be what’s displaying in that specific dynamic text instance. Then the state is set to the price. When you got filter the repeating group, you can use the repeating group’s Price state value as the filter / sort.

If you want to share a link, I can take a peek.

Instead of having just three fields for each product. Could I create a fourth field that would be the “lowest price” then use a backend workflow with a formula to determine all the lowest prices? I’m not great with back-end workflows so I don’t know how viable this is. My other option would to do this in the google sheet beforehand.

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