Set State List Changing as original list changes

I have a type called “Item” and this type has a field Status.
I set a state which is list of Items by filtering a group of Items that don’t have the Status “Active”.

After setting the state, I’m changing the status to all the Items in the non filtered group to “Active”. Fact is, although this change occurs after me setting the state in the workflow, it seems like it happens before, so when I filter to set the state by removing all Items with status “Active” it finds no item.

Is it a weird thing that happens that the workflow messes up and do tasks in different order than it’s assigned?

Not sure as the actual flow with details is not shown in the post

When you want to place entries on the page based on conditions it is a better practice to use “hidden” groups instead of states (placed in a popup that is never opened). You get the power of conditionality that states do not posses.

Hopefully this may spark an idea on how to solve your issue

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