Set state value for yes or no

I am facing a little problem with my work flow and really appreciate any help :
I want to search and display recipes after make 2 selection : 1- Recipes with/without video 2- recipes categories .
The problem is with custom state for [ with or without video ] because it is [ yes/no ]data type , under recipe field ,how can i make the recipes display after select categories and recipes type ?

You are trying to set up a search result page to display recipes and want users to filter based on a video accompany the recipe or not

Your search for recipes in your database needs to be a yes no value as well for the custom state value to match.

In your screen shot of the search you should make the Includes-video= custom state (yes/no) value.

So if the customs state value is no, the search will show results for recipes that Includes video = no

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Thanks ,really appreciate your support, it works fine now

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