Set State When All Users in a List Are Checked

I’d like to set a state to a certain boolean value when the User checks all boxes inside a Repeating Group. In the screenshot below, if the user were to check both names (Tom + Julia) a specific custom state would be set to “yes”.

The Repeating Group’s name is “RG_ActorsList”.

So far, my workflow looks like this:

Set state [ … ] Only when RG_ActorsList’s List of Users:count is [ the number of Users that have a checked box ]

But this doesn’t seem to trigger the “set state” workflow step.

What am I missing? Or: In what other ways can this be tackled?

Many thanks for your time!

Do when condition is true:

Add a step: Set state or do something

Thank you, Eugene_West.

I found the solution. I forgot to update a conditional on the element in the design section.