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Set States FREE Video Tutorial πŸŽ‰

Ok, well that’s good to know. Well, I don’t know what trolling is and I hope I am not doing it. It sounds bad. Thanks for letting me know. That’s good to hear some other feedback.


Thanks @ken, I was getting super self conscience about the whole thing since this was my first tutorial I made. Thanks for the positive feedback. I guess I will give it a little bit of time, unless someone can give me a good reason to take it down. I will try to not let the negative dislikes get to me.

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Ohhhh! Thanks for that. Ya, not trying to do that. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the internet can be a cruel place!

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Ya, it sure has been for me. I have tried to start so many different businesses but haven’t been able to get past people just being mean. Thanks ken!

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I would change the title of this post to something more positive :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks!

I just hid the like ratio so it wont bother me anymore. If there are legitimate reasons for it being wrong or bad they can let me know here. :slight_smile:

Keep on ignoring them. There’s that saying about tall nails get hammered that seems apt for anyone who’s trying to better themselves in a world of complacent friends, family and anonymous online critics.


Haha, thanks. :slight_smile: That’s a good one.

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I liked the video and the Info provided. We need a lot more for new users like me.

No problem. I will be creating some short 1 minute videos soon and posting them for free on YouTube. Hopefully it will help a lot of the new users out there. I will keep you posted. :slight_smile:

I am starting my tutorials project. Here is the post you can follow to get more information.

Post: πŸ• NoCodeMinute - Free 1-Minute Tutorials for Bubble

Hey there, can you reupload video? It seems deleted

Hey there!

Sorry about that, it was violating YouTube’s terms and conditions:

Here is the new link:

Set States Video

Hope that helps! :blush:

What is this?
Should I spend $30 to watch your video? It doesn’t work

Can Uyou upload it to youtube?

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Here is the free version for you:

It should be uploaded soon. Have a good weekend! :+1:

If you would like to keep learning, there are many more videos in our Members Only eLearning Hub found at

Also we offer one-on-one live tutoring sessions where you receive help on your projects. These sessions are 1 or 2 hours long and we connect via a video sharing platform. Then you share your screen and we walk you through any issues you may be having with Bubble.

We help with responsiveness, workflows, set states, stripe integration, data functionality, privacy settings, and a lot more.

The pricing for the sessions are on the site. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I think your video is great but i can’t see it because it’s privacy. Can you open ?

This one should be free.

See post above: Set States FREE Video Tutorial πŸŽ‰ - #27 by J805