Set super-password for users

good morning guys . I need an advice . I am developing an application together with a team of developers. To use the latter, the user must log in and sign up for a subscription plan. Now we would like to make sure that certain accounts have the possibility to insert a “super-password” that gives them all the administrator rights and makes them log in automatically, skipping the various registration phases. We will then use this “super-password” also to log in during the various presentations of the app. What do you think could be the solution to manage this situation? We had thought of manually adding the super-password field to the bubble db and assigning it to the desired accounts. Are there better solutions?

Set up different user types. Create an IsSuperAdmin field in user data type of type yes/no. Then set up workflows accordingly to bypass the steps if the Current User’s IsSuperAdmin is “yes”

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