Set up a scoring method

In my app, users can take a test about their company tech stack and assess how much they’ve though about securing their IP.

The test comprises of 12 questions as such:

I want to implement a scoring system - if they score > 15
it means they have most of the correct checks in place
if <15 - they should visit X websites and get a different message at the end.

What is the best way to implement a score counter?
Each company has a field type with Score which I can manually set but is there anyway to dynamically add to it?

Any advice appreciated.

You could create a state like current_quiz_points and every time someone answers, you set an action to add or subtract the points. When they are done answering questions (click a button), show the user the relevant information based on the current_quiz_pointsvalue


From there, you can run conditionals to show the appropriate links and scare the hell out of a quiz taker until they secure their IP.