Set-up and organization of landing page after login based on user role

I am currently figuring out how to organize my app. I have read through most the documentation, but I still don’t have a clear answer how to arrange it. The goal of of my app is to provide an online project managementtool, where freelancers can work with clients. This work environment will look like a messaging and file sharing environment (such as general project management and communication apps). However, freelancers can also create project management enviroments only filled with other freelancers, to discuss stuff and communicate.

Since this all can be only be accessed after login, I have defined the different users through User type field.
That’s when the hick-up starts. Because the landing page for clients and freelancers will be different, but the navigaton will be done through a header (with the menu items). There are however also some ‘fixed’ elements (irrespective of the type of user, like Account Settings and Logout etc).

So, is it easier to create different landing pages ( freelancer go to freelancer_home and clients go to clients.home) or is it better to create one landing page with at least the fixed elements, and then create different groups which are visible or not visible based on the role the user has?

I’ve done both in my apps, and I much preferred going the route of having a different page. It helped me keep my concerns separated, and since the two roles just grew increasingly different over time, I didn’t have to try to keep things in the sandbox of one shared page. It’s definitely doable either way, but going with two separate pages saved me a lot of headaches.

@potentialthings thanks for the clarification, This will help me a great deal in structuring my app!