Set up app for recipe calculations using pure and mixed components

Complete newbie to bubble so excuse me if I don’t use the correct terminology. I am trying to find a good platform for creating an internal app for my company. I can’t go into the details too much, but think of it like this.

I am trying to input information from a part number for a recipe. This recipe will need to be saved for the next time it is needed. The recipe concentration information along with container volume and component information are used to calculate the target masses to add of each component. To further complicate things, if a concentration of a component is too small, it will have to be introduced using a another mixture (ex. Recipe requires 2mg of salt and 1000 g of water, so a 1g salt per 1000g salt is used and diluted with the other components to achieve the desired salt weight). This allows for larger gram additions and higher accuracy, which is required in this particular industry.

Once the targets are calculated, the actual amounts are added and entered. The application will need to store all the revenant information and be able to report the actual final concentrations.

Any ideas on how to set this up. I have got it figured out that I will need a part number table, a components table and a container volume table. What I can’t figure out is how to tell bubble to use a premix and how to account for the reduction in the other components (water in the example above).

I will take all the help I can get. Thanks!