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Set up dynamic graphic

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Do you have an idea to set up this (look at the photo) ? Months changed following vegetables.
It will be dynamic regarding database…


One simple way to make that would be to have a separate text element for each letter (month), with a circular border.

Then, based on your conditionals, just change the text, background style, background colour, and border colour.

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Yes but i want show J in the circular border and send back to january in BDD. is it possible ?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean (I assume BDD is French for database? Or are you talking about something else, like Behaviour Driven Development?)…

In any case I don’t fully understand your question, but you can run any actions you like via workflows, so I’m sure you can achieve whatever it is you’re trying to do easily enough.

If you can be more specific about what that is then perhaps someone can give some specific help.