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Setting a custom state for conversation selection/message functionality

I know there have been couple of threads about Custom states already. However, I am not very clear on setting it up and could really use some help.
What i need to happen is, when a conversation is selected, I want the selection to be highlighted with a background color (which i am able to achieve). However, I need to find out how to go about resetting the color for previously selected conversations.

Condition I have set for custom state:

Try this instead… instead of the custom state being a text value (i.e. “green”), use a Conversation value. So get rid of that custom state and create a new one called Selected Convo, type is your Conversation type.

Then the condition would be “When this group’s Selected Convo is parent group’s conversation” > background color changes. Only one convol will ever be selected at a time, so only one will ever be green.

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Hey @romanmg, Thank you for the suggestion. It worked!!

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