Setting a list from database

I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong here.

I’m searching and returning a list of AudioClips.

Then I’m trying to put that into the User/clips list of AudioClips

It comes up blank no matter what I do.

The search is not blank but writing the list comes out blank.

Any idea how to troubleshoot or fix this?

Without really looking in the app I would say that the copy list is not done by the time you move to the next step

I added a big old pause and ran it slow, doesn’t solve it. It feels like I’m doing it wrong or I found a bug

Try to use the for each element in the Toolit kit plug-in to iterate through the list and add it one by one…

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Turns out ‘copy a list’ is failing to produce any results.

(this Alert showing length of the list returns 0)

Why would that be? There’s 26 entries in AudioClips and no constraints on the search

Show message:

(tried safe mode, no difference)

If you’re sure there is data returned in the search then it could be because of the same reason I mentioned above. Try having a repeating group to display the same list to confirm data is being returned.

If that comes back positive try the iteration method I mentioned and let me know how it goes

Apparently Copy A List does not do what I thought it does. It duplicates the data in the database.

I don’t know why anyone would want that.

First time I run the search, it says 24, then 38 matches. I check the database, its got duplicate entries.

I want to copy my search from AudioClips into current users’ currentPlaylist (which is a list of type AudioClips) . How?

Create a repeating group on the page and store each element into my playlist? I am not even sure if that’s possible and it sounds wrong.

Could you expand on this? I am not really sure how this function works.

Also, could you please take a look at an issue I have been having getting a list of items created via API workflow to get added correctly consistently to see if the method you mentioned may work in this instance?



Your workflows seem to be set up incorrectly.

What it seems you want to do is to

  1. Search for a list of audio clips ( assumed the user is setting some filters on the search to create a unique list for them )

  2. Add that list to the users list of audio clips

Firstly, make sure the database is set up correctly.


Datatype User ; Datatype Audio Clips

On user data type have a data field of audio clips ( set as list )

Then on the page the user is on to create the list have a custom state that is a list of audio clips. When the user searches and filters the audio clips and selects those they want to add to their list, first add them to the custom state list.

Then when the user has finished adding all the audio clips to their list, you can have a button with workflow that says make changes to user: thing to change is audio clip data field

value should be :add list custom state audio clip list

You could also have an R.G. on page showing the audio clips added to the list so the user can add/delete items and if you do that you could also choose to set the value to

:add list R.G. audio clip list

Thanks for the information I will try!

Yes check out this example


Heres another example of using plugin. Since you can only delete an uploaded file one at a time, I use foreach to iterate over a list of urls to delete them one by one. Plugin is useful for template or apps that don’t have access to api workflows to do recursively.

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I feel obligated to answer my own question here for the next person struggling with lists.

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@AliFarahat Thanks for the link…however, when I follow it I get the following message

Would you be able to set it so I could view it? Cheers