Setting Autobind

Recently I’ve learned autobind. I did a few experiments and they worked. Now im trying to work on another one currently and for some odd reason. I’m trying to fix it myself but I came here instead. First, when you toggle a iconic toggle it’ll update a civilians License Status. I got the auto bind setup and when I set the iconic toggle to checked it wont update & change the civilians License status. I dont know if I have to define the civilian name but I dont know how to do that. Please help me out!

Alright Check in with me if they fix it.

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OK so I checked with Bubble if there were any known issues and they confirmed there are no outages / bugs related to the autobind feature that they’re aware of and if I’ve found a bug or encounter some issues with my app, feel free to fill out a bug report here with step-by-step instructions they can use to reproduce the issue. This way, our engineers can deploy a fix if necessary.