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Setting custom state using radio buttons in repeating group

I have a repeating group which contains various topics. The users will click the radio button indicating if they like, dislike or N/A each topic.

From the user submission I would like to save all of the ‘Like’ topics into one custom state as a list and then all of the ‘dislike’ topics into another custom state.

Even though I have spent a good amount of time looking at forum posts and YouTube posts, I am not able to pull this together and need some help.



I build something which might help you. I’m always counting the numbers of Likes / Dislikes. You can easily exchange this from a number to a list of topics.

Here you should be able to see it.

Edit: I change it bit, it should now be your exact use case.

Hope it helps.

Yes it looks like what I am looking for.
Can you send me a link to the editor so I can see how you built it?
Right now it’s just preview view.

On the Radio button, you need to enable autobinding. Make sure in your privacy settings that autobinding is allowed.

Or custom states if you want to save that data later

Sure Testapp1biberei | Bubble Editor

Nicely done! Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome :wink: Glad it helped.

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