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Setting data sources for parents/children - best practices?

Hi there,

I have been experimenting with Canvas templates (though this question is relevant to any design which has lots of groups and subgroups), the templates have repeating groups and then groups upon groups (for keeping the template responsive).

I always set my data source in the repeating group, I then work my way down the element tree making sure every child inherits the data source from its appropriate parent. This way very granular elements can receive dynamic input from the repeating group.

This got me thinking, what is actually best practice here? Should I only be setting children to have the parent data source for elements that I am 100% sure need dynamic content from the repeating group? Is there a cost to doing this for all elements, e.g. does it affect loading speed etc?

If it’s not a problem setting every child like this, is there a rapid way to apply the same data source to all children without having to set each by hand?

Thank you!