Setting default state of a list

Given that we cannot set the default state of a list (which seems odd), is there a better way than on page load?

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I guess you can’t set any default state to things than just the primitive types (text, yes/no, number, date, image, file, geo) Because setting initial state for these means you should do a search for something in the data type page. I usually do assign values to the lists on sign up (for example if it is for a user). What is your case?

It’s related to my “unable to set empty” problem :grin:. I wanted to set the state of a list to contain a subset of an Option Set, so that at start all the items in it were selected (it’s a role based filter for my user list). All the options are appropriate, so I want only the subset, and then as someone unselects the checkboxes I clear that option from the state. It works really well, and I’m setting it on Page Load, which is fine, just feels weird.