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Setting delivery zones


I am building a delivery app were stores define their delivery zone, ideally by drawing it in a Google map.

Users should only see the stores which have a delivery zone that includes the user’s current location.

Any suggestions on how to build this?

Looked at this ages ago ‘geofencing’ is what it is called. You can (apparently) define triangles in Google maps to create them.

Gave up!

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Hey @pachocastillosr ,

You can try my method to solve your problem.
Create an address field with data type geographic address.

Then take the input field with the content format address.

Start a workflow to create data in the database.

After entering data in the database take a repeating group and while setting the data source in the repeating group set the following condition as shown in the screenshot.

Note: Here inputs are taken in numbers.

I hope this will help you with your problem.

If any further assistance is required get in touch with me on:
Gmail:- [email protected]

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Thanks for replying! This would work if I didn’t need the stores to draw their delivery zones on a map