Setting dropdown by button click

Hello -

I’ve got a button with a dynamic attribute from a type. This lives in a repeating group.

Type 1, with attributes A, B, C. Button displays C in the repeating group.

I’ve got a dropdown with a dynamic list of those attributes from that type.

Lists C1, C2, C3 for all of that type.

I want to - when the user selects the button - set the dropdown to that value. If user selects C3 from the repeating group, set dropdown to C3.

Is this possible? I’m not finding anything asked on this, or any way to do this on the UI.


“bump”… maybe just show a pic of what you’re trying to do? You’re being very abstract here.

Can check it out here:
Blue box on the right of the screen labeled “username” - if clicked I want that to update the “creator” dropdown in the filters with the name selected. (Both pull from the same field, in the same datatype).

Edit - try here, with dummy data

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