Setting initial state of group object

I’ve decided to try the tabbed object and it looks like it will be quite helpful for my application. It uses a custom state called “current_tab” which is set to 1, 2 or 3 to control which tab is displayed. The tabs at the top are buttons that merely set the current_tab state according to their position and the appropriate content is made visible.

And finally…my question. Is there a way to set the initial value of “current_tab” when I navigate to the page that has this tabbed object? It has eluded me so far.

Create a workflow with a “Page is loaded” event. When page is loaded > set state of current tab to 1.

@romanmg, thank you! I’ll give that a try if and when the dev environment comes back online. Rough morning!

I haven’t used a workflow not attached to a button (at least I don’t recall). Is it safe to assume that if I’m editing the relevant page and click on “workflows”, that I create it there as you suggested?

[update] - worked like a charm!!!

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