Setting list of usernames and passwords

Don’t believe I’ve seen this in any of the videos and searched the forum but havent found anything useful…

I’ve created a log-in screen to be able to get to another page but I don’t know how to set or create a list of usernames and passwords (for each username) that would allow someone to get to the page I’m trying to redirect them to. Where do I do that?

You’d probably want to create an admin page that enables you to add users to your database. Lots of ways to implement this - the plain vanilla solution would be to have an input for email address (or username) and an input for password + button to save it. Then when you click save, it’ll add that user and pw to your database and reset the form so you add a new user and pw.

Additionally, you may want to enable users to create their own accounts. The sign-up popup already includes the basic logic to do this.

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