Setting slug in the backgroup for better popup hide

I am able to make a post correctly. However, the popup is taking time to hide. This is perhaps because after the post is created (and before pop up hides), there is a workflow for setting the post’s slug based on the user name. Is there any way I can put this slug setting in the background so that the user experience is good and the pop hides quickly. I do not quite want to set the slug after the pop up gets hidden.


You could hide pop up first

Okay but what happens as the database becomes bigger? The slug setting will start taking more time. Isn’t there a faster way of handling this? Even in my test database it is slow and there are just about 50 to 60 records.

tried keeping slug part in the end and hide pop first but it is still as slow as it was earlier.

I’m not sure why the size of the database should have any effect on how long it takes to create a thing’s slug, especially with only 50-60 records currently in it (unless you’re doing some complex searches before/during its creation).

But if it’s really an issue, then yes, you can set the slug on the backend, and hide the popup immediately for better UX.

That said, if the first action on your page workflow is to hide the popup, then the popup should hide more or less immediately - so if it’s not maybe something else is going on here (but i couldn’t even guess at what without more info).

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