Setting state of an inbox box doesn't react as user inputting anything into it


I have user click a button, and when they click this button, the input box automatically fills.

Then they send an API call on a separate button click and it sends this data of input box externally.

However, this doesn’t work if user doesn’t do some form of input in the box. The input box can be filled with text from initial button click, then they send API call, and it doesn’t send.

However, if they click button to fill input box. Then put in for example, a space or a backspace, then api call it successfully sends.

So this leads me to the belief that the user needs to do some form of input into the box to successfully send the data within it. Is there a workaround here to mimic user input into the box, so user can just immediately send Api Call after filling the input box instead of needing to do some form of typing input manually?


Can you please share screenshots of the setup and example of what you are trying to achieve.
You can have a invisible input box to get the data from the visible input box. In invisible one you can have pre-defined data, visible one’s data will be appended to it. When the final API call is made it will take the invisible’s value.
You can set custom state as well.

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It is taking the literal input value of the input boxes in the API call, ^^see screenshots above.

For the clarity, you said API call is not made based on loading icon’s visibility. Do you have anything to show the result of the API call like repeating group or saving the response in the database?

It is important to know first API call actually was a success. We then can see about loading icon. For the time being try to save the data in a database from the API call or show in a repeating group/group. See how it goes.

It is not a success because the loading icon doesn’t show and I dont receive the api call on the external service I am using.

API Call isn’t a success because i have a datapoint that updates on success call and it doesn’t update in those cases

It is working in the API connector right? Can you please share screenshot of that setup. Do you have any spaces in there for the value? Can you please turn off the loading screen. First need to make a successful call with the API. And find out what is wrong happening.

Please fill up the value of each parameter here and reinitialize the call. See what happens.

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I just filled the api connector with same text. re-initalized API call, and then set parameters back to how it was before.

went back to page to test on live version, and still same problem.

If your call is success in API connector it should somewhere else too. Please re-set the workflow or try in different page and make it simple. Also check the API usage stats to see the logs in your API providers system.

Where can I check those logs?

It works perfect when I do some type of user input into the input box like a space or backspace (just anything), but when no input is put in by user, but there is text there, the call is not made. It’s a success in the first instances case, the 2nd instance it is not a success. It works fine from api connector, which is I am confused why it’s not working on the demo page. Maybe something wrong with the input boxes? Not sure

You can check logs in the API provider account in their website.
I can’t understand the issue here. It cannot be a space or backspace causing the problem. But if you think a space works fine then predefine the space in the value. And check whether it works or not.

I don’t think you are understanding my problem.

I will show you once again:

As you can see there is no reaction happening, meaning the API call did not go through, however the input values are there, I have changed nothing in the API connector.

And as you can see here, there is a reaction by API showing a success ( demonstrated by the loading icon meaning that the API Call went through as a success). And the API provider account on the website showed the exact text that was sent. Literally nothing was changed besides me adding somee manual user input, in this case a couple spaces… but the rest of the entire text sent.

Let me know if this makes sense or confusing.

Thanks sir

It’s clear. Please try the same value in the API connector with and without space. I mean Setting state of an inbox box doesn't react as user inputting anything into it - #8 by artistdata22

Yes, and I am saying it works in API connector successfully both times, with and without space.

The space itself doesn’t matter, its just an arbitrary things that represents the manual user input into the box. It could be a \ or - for example.

Then having space or not is not causing the problem.
Please re-set the whole thing or try somewhere else may be in a new page. It’s not that complicated. And please make sure you have element to show the result output from the API call.
You will find the culprit causing the problem soon.

I set up the element showing error output from API call like you suggested, this is what we got:

Missing ‘Joey male’ in the text (first input box) is the error, but as you can see in screenshot it is literally there.

The second i make any edit to that box though such as adding a space, it sends successfully though

Also note: this error doesn’t happen if just sending API call through connector or postman, with same exact text. This is only a problem when interacting the the input boxes

You are getting the value from the state (predefined) when button is clicked. Then clicking the generate button calls the API.
Can you please try without using state. Insert the value manually in the input box. I mean copy the value and paste in input box. Then press generate. See using without state.

Can u please try to change the dynamic value from the “state’s value” in the API parameters in your workflow, instead of input’s value

Im somewhat confused on what you mean by this. Can you please explain a bit deeper, I am trying to understand,