Setting the Initial Content for a Reusable Element Field Based on Another Reusable Element Field

First off, I apologize in advance for my primitive artwork.

I have a 4-step form that utilizes 4 different reusable elements (only 2 are shown here) which need to reference each other.

  1. Client Information
    • Client Name
    • Project Contact
  2. Project - Basic Info
    • Job #
  • ETC, ETC.
  1. Project - Advanced Info
  2. Tasks

How can I reference the data I input for Step 1, Client Info (which includes a Client Number) in Step 2 Basic Project Info? Step 2 contains a Project number field, the first 3 digits of which are the client number. I need the initial content for project number field to display the client number associated with the Client Name in Step 1.



Iā€™m also trying to understand the best practice for this