Setting the location of an element based on a database parameter?


There are two groups on a page, each one includes a different type of content, however whether the content is going to be displayed depends on whether it exists in the database. What I mean is this - on one side of the page, I’m planning to show the user’s personal details - name, last name, etc. On the other side, trivial details, like content they have uploaded.

The challenge: Content is not always uploaded, so one of the groups would be sometimes, empty.

What I’d like to achieve:

The personal details would always be in the database. When only personal details exist, I would them to be shown, let’s say, in the centre of the page.


When the uploaded content exists, I would like the personal details and the content to be shown, which would mean putting the personal details on one side, and the content on the other.

That means, changing the location of each group.

Is that possible?

What I’ve tried:

Putting both groups on the page, set up to collapse when empty, but it seems to mess the page up.

Has anyone ever done this? If you have, I would really appreciate if you share details.

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