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Setting the time of workflow animation

Is there anyway I can make an animation faster? I’m trying to animate a floating group for when it becomes visible but the transition time is too slow

I don’t think you can currently adjust the speed of workflow animations, but you can show the element through the workflow, and adjust the Transition speed of the floating group’s background color (similar to using the animations such as ‘fade in’). To create the transition, you would just need to have the default background color of the floating group be different from conditional background color when the element is visible.

Forum example (Slow vs. Fast): :slight_smile:

thank you!

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bubble not having this feature is really strange tho because all good apps have transitions with different timing

That was requested in the thread below; Bubble uses the standard times at the moment, but you could add that this feature would help you out too. :slight_smile:

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