Setting two related parameters in backend workflow

I’m scheduling an API workflow on a list of users.

I have two parameters calling from a same data type (Let say List A). When the first parameter select one item on the list (can be random), while the second parameter should select another random one excluding the one chosen by the first parameter. I’m trying to set that up on the go

I was thinking of using a counting function. Do a search for the list, order them randomly and select the first and the second one. However probably the two random sorting done in two different parameter will not be identical, there’s no guarantee that the results exclude each other. If I sort them in static value like created date, the same two items will be chosen again and again, which I don’t want.

If it’s frontend stuff, I’d use hidden groups or state to run some calculation. but as it’s happening in backend, I’m not sure what other techniques are available in bubble.


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