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Setting up a database for Users vs Page? (Patreon style)

Hi everyone,
I am relatively new to Bubble, but loving how easy and powerful it is!

I have been going through a lot of the tutorial content on here, as well as ‘Buildcamp’ and ‘Coaching No Code Apps’ instructional videos.

While running through the Patreon tutorial, I just wanted to get some input about the functionality and scalability of a database setup that doesn’t rely on individual users interacting with each other.
So the Patreon tutorial model has users and users who are also creators, but what if there is more than one individual that makes up that creative cohort?

Could you build the database to have users and ‘the creators page’?
My hesitation was that if you set up a Data type: User which has a Field: Supporting - List of creators pages and you would then have to set up a Data type: ‘the creators page’ which would have a Field: Supporters - List of users.
Would this cause a problem?
I feel like it would get more complex with adding comments from users to the page, and keeping track of that content, so I can see why maintaining user interaction and displaying it on a page is beneficial, it just seems limiting to me in this circumstance.

Any input or advice is welcome before I spend a lot of time testing it out for myself :slight_smile:
Thank you.