Setting up a private server

Hello, does anyone have any experience setting up a private server for data storage in conjunction with bubble? I’m doing some work with government, and I need to be able to provide 100% internal management of client data in conjunction with youth recreation programming.

Right now, I just need to get an idea what it might cost to purchase the hardware, hire someone to set it up, and establish a monthly cost for storage/server maintenance.

I’m not dealing with an inordinate amount of data, so figure the cost of storage space will be negligible, and contracts can include fees to pay for increases in storage space.

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It can be as cheap as $100, especially if you are fine with keeping it at your location or at the clients facility. I would snag a raspberry pi from amazon and follow this guide or a similar one:

You could have an on premise database but the data itself would still be going to Bubble AWS servers. So given that its not really going to achieve internal management of client data.

Depending on budget etc you can get a private instance of bubble, where you can have control of the WAF and therefore lock down access through a VPN, this would achieve the outcome more accurately.

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