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Setting up a table database to be accessed by mobile app

Hello, I’m building an e-reader for iOS tablet form for my children’s picture books. I would like the app to connect with my bubble app and pull PDF files when a user selects a thumbnail. The mobile app should also pull the associated audio files (1 file per page) to then have audio within the app. My developed explained to me that it is possible, and the app should call a “folder” where the pdf file, audio files, and anything else is stored there.

Although it makes sense to me, I am not quite sure how to build this database?

Should I create a type and add variables to it such as “pdf file” and “book title” and “audio file 1” etc…

Or do I need to create a separate database and connect to it through Bubble which will relay information to the mobile app.

Any help on the matter would be extremely appreciated. Again, I’m building an ereader for iOS that should be able to call files from my bubble API.

Assuming this is a seperate app, then you can connect to your bubble database from your app using the Bubble API.


Thanks for the response Nigel.
Assuming 1 ebook will have 20 audio files, should I make a field for each audio file (Field 1: audio_1, Field 2: audio_2)? or should I make one Field and make it a list of entries?

Just trying to structure it the easiest way possible for another app to fetch the necessary file upon request.