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Setting up an invoicing tool

Building an Invoicing tool for my Bed and Breakfast/ Need help with the following:

  1. How to I set Standard Rates for Weekends/Weekdays are selected? (User inputs Dates and then they are displayed these Standard Rates)
  2. If their input in “Number of Guests” input box is >10 transfer the number of Guests >10 to “Additional Guests” (For example input=16; Number of Guests becomes “10” and Additional Guests becomes “6”)
  3. Add a Cost to Every Additional Guest (For example each guest above “10” is charged $20 per Guest; so “6” automatically calculates $120.

1 - Once you retrieve the “day” from the current date then check with conditions “Thursday” “Sunday” etc
2. Use only when on the workflow to guide the interactions
3. When “Input Text” > 10 use Workflow (CUSTOM 1) etc

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Thanks for the prompt response ! i do not find where i can assign my prices to begin with; for instance i now have a form where users can visit input their days/number of guests/wheteher or not theyd like meal packages. but how do i assign a monetary value to the days/additional guests or the cost for their food

bump; I’ve made some progress in setting up the workflows before i go further the main goal of setting this up is being able to display a custom invoice where their entered data is pasted which can be copy pasted by the user after they’ve inputted their details. As far as i can see Bubble does not have a feature like this?

Perhaps sharing some screenshots of your UI, dB model and logic could help so that we can offer suggestions


In 2021 we are talking with different perspective of imagination. As a minimal thing, You can either post a “Duplicated” copy of the model or as @cmarchan mentioned, A screenshot will be helpful