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Setting up "member's only" list in an app

I’ve sketched out an app idea that I’m working on which will require setting up lists (repeating groups) which allows a group of users to only see and take action on.

Example scenario for Grocery App:

  1. You can set up a list, name it, and invite a group of users like your family to keep track of grocery inventory etc.
  2. But within the app there could be hundreds others that only the members of those users see.
  3. You can also be a part of more than one list so would need to create a list of list if that makes sense.

Any guidance around this?


Hi @spotyourlocal, I think you can start by having a field called Members that is type User under the Grocery List type (which would contain other fields like list name, items, etc.)

Add users to that Members list and to display any Grocery Lists that you are a part of, you could have a repeating group be a list of Grocery Lists, with a constraint “Members contains current User”

That’s one way!

Hi @romanmg, really appreciate your detailed feedback. Will put this together and if you don’t mind will reach out and show you what I have.

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