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Setting up my Data Types and Fields

Hello! I am working on an application where users can find their ideal dog, or post a dog they need to be adopted. When the user first signs up, they are not required to do much, and immediately they get directed to this page.

After they are on this page, they can choose between whether they would like to find a dog, or put a dog up for adoption (give dogs). If the user selects to find a dog, they then get directed to this page.

If the user selects to give dogs, then they get directed to this page.

Regardless of what option the user chooses, they will next have the option to click a breed of dog, where they will then be directed to a new page and have to answer some questions which I will eventually use to match users who want the same thing.

For example, let’s say a user who wants to find a dog selects a golden retriever, they will be directed to this page where they will have to answer questions about their ideal dog

Now let’s say a user who wants to give a dog also selects a golden retriever, they will then be directed to this page, where they answer the questions about the dog they are putting up for adoption.

My goal with this is to allow users who want a certain dog, and users who need to give up a certain dog, match with each other. And this would not just be for golden retrievers, this would be for every dog breed.

The PROBLEM I am trying to solve is what would be my data types and data fields for this example with golden retrievers? Because I need to store what the user’s answer is for each question and match users together who have similar answers.


You could make the dog breeds an options set. Then for a dog or user data type give them a field of breed where the type is the dog breed option set you created. Then you can use a filter on the breed and they have to be the same options to match.

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Also then you do not need to build out every page for each dog breed. instead you can just have one page for all dog breeds and it dynamically updates based on what the current selected breed is.

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Thank you, any chance you can screen snip an example of that? Because I get what you are saying, but not 100% sure if I am doing it correctly?

Here is an example using just one page and option sets as custom states on the page:

Here is the editor for the page called ‘dogs’:

Thank you so much!

Hey William, one more quick question…

I set up everything exactly how you have it set up, but for some reason when I press preview, the first group does not display. Here are some screen snips I have of the constraints and workflows of each group.

Group set one constraints:

Group set one workflow: (find dog and give dog button)

Group set 2 constraints:

Group set 2 workflow: (current users cell)

Group set 3 constraints:

The end result is a blank page and I do not know why. If you have any ideas please let me know! Sorry to keep bothering you, I am a newbie.


Is the default state for the ‘dog’ ‘step’ 1?

Ahhh I did not even know that existed! It worked.

Thanks, William

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Hey @williamtisdale, I reviewed both links that you sent above. I wanted to ask how I can link the data that either user submits and have them match on a page, sort of like tinder? But the user will be able to either click yes they want that person, or no they don’t.

Maybe add two fields to User that are lists of texts. One can be named to show the Users unique id that the Current User does not want to match with and the other can show Users unique id that the Current User does want to match with. You could use a list of Users instead, but I feel like only saving the id as text would be better once the lists get large.

I actually have that setup. The part I am struggling with is creating the next page that displays the user’s matches (by showing their profile photo and answers they have in common) In addition, the user will have the option to select yes they want this user, or no they don’t and a new user will appear with similar answers. Not sure how to get started. I have searched the bubble forum and it seems this is a common problem people struggle with and not many can solve. If you know how to do this, or have a video recommendation, keep me updated.

RepeatingGroup with data source:

‘Do a search for User’ (no constraints here)
:filtered - use Advanced - Current User’s [list of matched users] contains This User.

Struggling on what to do after current users matches.

Here are the fields I added to my user data type:

Here is the way I am trying to set up the repeating group:

how does this look? And what exactly would I place in the repeating group (highlighted areas) to display the matches similar answers and profile photo? Would it be like this?

Another question as well. How does bubble know what my matches and non matches are? Because right now those two fields are under the user data type as a list of texts?

Did you figure this out?

I have actually gotten very close, but not quite there yet. I have been problem solving this for a while now. Here is a quick video I made that explains what I need help with. Please let me know if you have any questions or can solve it. The concept is very similar. And if you are capable of solving would you maybe share some screen snips or take a video because that would be best. Words can be confusing.