Setup API connector through the front end

One of my apps pulls in data from connected services through the api connector. For example, a user’s Facebook page conversations.

This connection needs to be established through the api connector in the editor. Would it be possible to create an onboarding process in the front end that allows users to enter their user credentials and access tokens and have the api connector set up accordingly?

You could perhaps set it up through a dummy account so you can already setup something with the data source but then change the credentials…


Could you take the inputs and change the API’s keys and credentials to be dynamic data and make it the input data?

I’ve done something similar to that for another API. Haven’t tried the Facebook one though, so apologies if that’s not possible!

Maybe I’m missing something, but as far as I know you cannot populate the api connector dynamically…?

This is what OAUTH gives you ?

Allow the user to signup to their Facebook account via OAUTH, and then you can access what you need.

Yes but in this case, the user needs to add additonal credentials for other, connected, services. This is usually a username and token only, so if that can be populated automatically in the API connector… that is a great additional feature.

Also, I don’t think with the recent API changes within Facebook you can automatically connect to pages that user owns. You would need a page access token or something along those lines.

I just did built something similar for my personal app. With Facebook, you can use the Oauth settings in the API connector and then using API calls get and save the Page access tokens.

Hopefully that helps