Shape Elements behaviour changed?

Has something changed recently with the way Bubble Shape elements behave?

I’ve been using shape elements in my app for the past few months as placeholders to load Vimeo Players through their SDK, which has been working perfectly.

Now suddenly the shape element is no longer displaying the Vimeo player inside it, but rather displayign it below it, which has completely broken major parts of my app.

The reason I’ve been using Shape elements rather than groups or HTML elements, is that for some reason Group’s don’t have the option to keep element proportions when page is resized like shapes, images, and HTML elements do (which is vital for the responsive design of my app), and HTML elements (for some unknow reason) simply disappear whenever the page size changes, such as turning a tablet from portrait to landscape (or at least the loaded Vimeo player does).

The shape element was the perfect fit for this and has been working perfectly.

But not any more (I’ve only noticed this today - but it’s been a week or so since I last checked it, so it may have been broken longer that I’ve realised).

@eve do you know of any changes regarding these elements? Or should I file a bug report.

Nothing intentional that we’ve pushed for Shape elements recently – please do file that report, if you wouldn’t mind! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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