Shapediver parameteric geometry API setup

I’m using Shapediver to imbed a parametric model into my Bubble site. I’m connecting to the Shapediver API with the API connection plugin and can load + view a basic model.

Once the API connection is made, Shapediver allows for an array of commands to be sent to retrieve data from your model, such as the available parameters and their properties. I want to use this data, which comes in a JSON format when I type in the api.parameters.get() function into my console, to create a custom UI for my parametric model.

I can retrieve these parameters when I run the api.parameters.get() function in the console after the API connection has been made and model is loaded, but I’m unsure of how to retrieve this information in my app so that I can assign names, data types, and default values for the custom parameter controls (toggles, sliders) I want to incorporate.

Essentially, if I can call a function and get useful data in JSON format through the dev console, how do I do this in the app and store the data in a usable format?

This might be basic but I’m just starting to get into javascript and bubble, and it is my first time using an API. Any help is appreciated!