Sharable links in my app

I’m wondering if I can build a food ordering app in Bubble that would be used by say 100 restaurants and each restaurant can then share a link to their menu on their website and Facebook for example? It is important if he can share a link only to his menu and not to the other 99 restaurants.
If this is possible, how can it be done?

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Yes, this is very possible, and there’s multiple ways to tackle it. One is by using page names, although this requires a much more manual level of data-entry, but you’d end up with something like:

The other way is to instead use a data type, which would pull the name of the restaurant from a datatype in the database, and it could appear something like this:

There’s also using subapps from within Bubble - here’s some more info:

With sub-apps, you could in theory work with the restaurants themselves and their DNS settings, so each restaurant could setup their own subdomain URL, like

There’s also CoAlias, which allows you to add custom domains to separate pages within Bubble, and @gaimed could certainly tell you more about:

It looks like you’re in the exploration phase for what’s possible and which NoCode platform to use. If you do decide to go with Bubble (and I’d give a +1 to that), I would recommend digging into the basics of Bubble, and start with the Academy: Academy | Bubble

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