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Shareable links

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if it is possible to add shareable links to FB, Twitter and Linkedin

Once my users submit a parking space into my app I want them to have the ability to share it across their own social networks.

See attached screenshot:

Is this possible, and if so can anyone help me with the necessary work flows?

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Try the share plugin. AddToAnyShare



Did you get anywhere with this? I’d like my artists to be able to share specific artworks…

In my experience you can share any link to any specific website creating a website where you send the information (the ítem) to display. The thing here is that when you share it using a social network, the will only show the image you have previously uploaded (in your settings – Metatags – Thumbnail used for your links), and as far as I know, this image cannot be changed dinamically…well I haven’t found the way…still