Sharing IG stories by URL Parameters

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out a way to send a specific image on Instagram stories using URL parameters. Here’s a short video of Spotify using this feature (the image doesn’t save on my phone).

This is how I’m currently executing it:

const urlInstagram = `instagram://story?backgroundImage=`;
window.location.href = urlInstagram;

I’ve tried using different parameters, but with no success. I’ve also tried encoding the URL with the same result. Here are the parameters I tried:

  • instagram://story?backgroundImage=URL (only opens the app)
  • instagram-stories//share?backgroundImage=imageURL (opens the app but shows the error “URL is invalid”)
  • instagram-stories//share?sourceUrl=imageURL (opens the app on the feed)
  • instagram://story-camera?source_url=imageURL (opens the app in the story path but without any image)
  • instagram://story?source_url=imageURL (opens the app on the feed)

I found some documentation on the Facebook developer site, Sharing to Stories - Instagram Platform - Documentation - Meta for Developers. It only includes solutions for iOS and Android.

I’m a simple Padawan, maybe anyone with experience could help to reach this.

I’ve seen others on the forum with the same issue, and I think this feature could be a great way to promote our products.